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From ChildCare to ParentCare to FamilyCare, MaraCares about it all.


Basic ChildCare

($2 more per additional child)

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Advanced ChildCare


Prenatal Planning

Pregnant Woman on Couch

Postpartum Care

$28/hr (day) & $30/hr (night)


Postpartum CarePackage

Tiny Feet

Parenting Support


Home Organization

Household Management



Family Photography

Services: Services


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Prepared Parent


(4) 2-hour prenatal visits
(8 hours)

Neatest Nest


(5) 4-hr organization visits
(20 hours)

Parenting Pro


(5) 3-hr skill-focused parenting visits
(15 hours)

Level 1 Postpartum Care


(3) 4-hr day visits
(12 hours)

Level 2 Postpartum Care


(4) 4-hr day visits
(2) 9-hr overnight visits
(34 hours)

Level 3 Postpartum Care


(6) 4-hr day visits
(4) 9-hr overnight visits
(60 hours)

Happy Hour Postpartum


(6) 4-hr visits from 3pm-8pm
(24 hours)

Sleepy Time Postpartum


(5) 9-hr overnight visits
(45 hours)

TGIF Postpartum


(4) 4-hr weekend visits
(16 hours)



3 hrs of event photography

Captured Memories


6-hrs of support making a photo album

Picture Perfect


Maternity, Newborn and Family Photoshoots

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Living Room Pillow Fight

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